High Performance - 7.3 Powerstroke Injector Set

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Our injectors are built to order. Send us a message for current build time or purchase and we will add you to the production queue.

*Custom tuning is required to run these modified injectors* 

Do you want to replace your smoking injectors? Are your leaking injectors causing a long or no-start condition?

Our remanufactured 7.3 Powerstroke injectors meet or exceed OEM specifications. We guarantee that, with an industry leading two (2) year unlimited mile warranty.

Why are we so confident in our remanufactured injectors?

Each injector we receive is fully disassembled and cleaned in our parts tank.

After cleaning, the injectors receive new orings, springs, plunger/barrel assemblies and nozzles. Next, each injector is recalibrated to meet or exceed OEM specifications.

Our injectors are balanced for nozzle opening pressure and max discharge rate to within 2% or better at the rated flow. We spend the extra time to make them right. Most shops are satisfied with 4%. This is where having a machine shop is a great benefit to our customers.

The calibrated injectors are verified on our injector flow bench. We test every injector for:

  • Leak Test

  • Idle Discharge

  • Max Discharge

Once the injectors are verified to meet our standard, they are resealed with new Alliant Power USA external orings. They will arrive ready to be installed by the customer.

Each injector ships with the flow bench test results for that injector.

Core injectors must be returned within thirty (30) days.

From Gearhead Automotive Performance: 

90cc stock nozzle 225HP130cc stock nozzle 260-290HP
160cc stock nozzle 325-345HP
160cc 30% nozzle 350-360HP
180cc stock nozzle 300-350HP
180cc 30% nozzle 370-390HP
180cc 80% nozzle 400-425HP
200cc 30% nozzle 385-410HP
200cc 80% nozzle 400-440HP
200cc 100% nozzle 420-460HP
238cc 30% nozzle 440-475HP (depends on air flow in lower rpms can make 550HP with nitrous for example)
238cc 80% nozzle 450-520HP
238cc 100% nozzle 465-550HP
250cc 30% not much gain over 238cc with 30%
250cc 80% nozzle 460-530HP
250cc 100% nozzle 470-575HP