6.7 Cummins Injector Rebuild Kit

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This 6.7 Cummins injector rebuild kit will work on all 6.7 Cummins injectors. Use this rebuild kit to fix your high fuel return rates, or no start due to low fuel rail pressure. This is usually caused by high pressure seal wear. Once you have your injectors apart you may clean them with a mild parts cleaning solution. We also recommend replacing your warn nozzles and connecting tubes at this time. If you do not have smoke at idle or other fuel related issues your nozzles may not need replaced.  

What's included in our rebuild kit:

(1) Billet injector holding fixture
(1) Billet injector solenoid socket
(1) Billet high pressure seal installer
(1) Control valve retaining nut bit
(6) Solenoid O-rings
(6) Internal High Pressure Seals
(6) Main body O-rings
(6) Copper Crush Washers
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*Please note*

Your injectors may currently be out of Bosch specification. Unfortunately for the DIY, re-calibration of the injectors is only possible with special calibration measuring tools, shims and precision grinding machines which must be verified on an injector flow bench.

The number one reason we see an injector needing to be serviced is a worn out high pressure seal. This allows high fuel return rates. The more serious problem for high fuel return rates is caused by a worn out or damaged control valve. Replacement of the control valve will require the injector to be re-calibrated and tested on an injector flow bench. We also find it common that the nozzles have fallen out of Bosch specification causing decreased fuel delivery.

We remanufacture common rail injectors in house with new Bosch control valves and nozzles. Each injector is then flow tested and the flow test data is sent with each injector. Our remanufatured injectors come with a two year, unlimited mileage warranty. We have the most competitive prices in the industry backed by the best customer service.