5.9 Cummins Remanufactured Common Rail Injectors

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Our injectors are built to order. Send us a message for current build time or purchase and we will add you to the production queue.

Our performance built injectors are rated for actual fuel flow over a stock injector. We simply do not use the honed nozzle size for marketing our injectors. Building our injectors for actual fuel flow gives our customers the best value on the market.

Do you want to replace your smoking injectors? Are your leaking injectors causing dangerously low or no-start rail pressure?

Our remanufactured common rail injectors meet or exceed OEM specifications. We guarantee that, with an industry leading two (2) year unlimited mile warranty.

Why are we so confident in our remanufactured injectors?

Each BOSCH® injector we receive is fully disassembled and cleaned in our heated ultrasonic tanks with a proprietary cleaning solution.

After cleaning, we install a new BOSCH® control valve and nozzle. Next, each injector is meticulously measured and recalibrated to meet or exceed OEM specifications. The injector solenoid must pass the BOSCH® continuity and voltage leak test. 

Since we build our injectors as a balanced set within 2% or better at the rated flow, we can hold tighter tolerances than the mass produced options on the market. We spend the extra time to make them right. Most shops are satisfied with 4% or higher. This is where having a machine shop is a great benefit to our customers. We modify injector components to achieve the exact specs we need. 

The calibrated injectors are verified on our injector flow bench using the BOSCH® test plan for the injector. The injectors must pass the seal performance and delivery under:


  • Idle
  • Pre-injection
  • Mid-range
  • Max fuel

    Each injector ships with the flow bench test results for that injector. The injectors ship with all orings and copper crush washers installed. The injectors will arrive ready for you to install in your vehicle.

    Core injectors must be returned within thirty (30) days.

    We highly recommend you replace your fuel crossover tubes at this time, link HERE. Worn and damaged fuel crossover tubes can leak and introduce contaminates into your newly installed injectors. Contaminants and restricted fuel flow can cause damage to your injectors and engine.

    Part numbers:

    0 445 120 007
    0 445 120 018
    0 445 120 032
    0 445 120 103
    0 445 120 113
    0 445 120 114
    0 445 120 208
    0 445 120 210
    0 986 435 503
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    0 986 435 508