BDP 6.0 Powerstroke Performance Injectors

Brand: Bitterroot Diesel Performance

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Our injectors are built to order. Send us a message for current build time or purchase and we will add you to the production queue.

*Custom tuning is required to run these modified injectors* 


BDP 6.0 Powerstroke injectors are built from the OEM, Pure Power Technologies. Pure Power remanufactures the injectors with the same equipment used during manufacturing. This insures the customer will receive the highest quality injector available. We make the injector modifications and balance them until they are a matched set.

Remanufactured injectors have a new spool valve, solenoid and connector. Oversized nozzles on remanufactured injectors are also new.  

Select reman or new. Both have the same two (2) year warranty, but the new injectors will have the longest service life.

Once the injectors are verified to meet our standard, they are sealed up and ready to ship. They will arrive ready to be installed by the customer.

Each injector set will ship with the flow bench test results.

Core injectors must be returned within thirty (30) days.