KC Stage 3 Turbo

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  • 64x88mm single plane GTX style billet wheel with extended tips to 94mm
  • Upgraded .72ar race compressor cover with drilled hole surge ring for maximum air flow
  • 72.5x66 10 blade turbine wheel
  • New high flowing vanes
  • Upgraded 360 thrust bearing
  • 100% drop in (no modifications required)
  • New VGT solenoid
  • Requires NO CORE


We had a lot of requests to bring the magic of our KC 6.0 Powerstroke turbos to the Duramax world. Here we have the KC Stage 2. Fitted with a 10 Blade turbine wheel for lower EGT's and much better top end performance. This turbo will Clean up your fuel and give you that power and performance that have been needing out of your Duramax! 

**Custom Turning is recommended After Installation**