It all starts from the ground up with an innovative design that has completely ignored conventional fuel design concepts.

Virtually all of the major components of the system are located together.

Instead of having a pump in one spot, a filter somewhere else, then the switching valves in yet another location, our entire system is located together in one convenient package.

And we don’t mean connected together with fittings, everything is mounted in a custom designed billet aluminum manifold.

Our design combines a 70 mesh cleanable stainless primary filter, custom pumps made just for the V4 system, our own adjustable pressure regulator, a check valve, built in system air-bleed, purge solenoid, and the final LARGE surface area (1075²in) 2µ filter.

This billet manifold also contains the pressure switch and the temperature switch; meaning our system monitors pressure and temperature automatically so you don’t have to. In addition, flexibility is built within the system, with a built in customer port that can be used for either a pressure or temp gauge.

On top of all this, the Vegistroke/VegiRam is heated with coolant flowing through the V4 manifold coolant ports; with the core of the system actually serving as a heat exchanger, providing an ease of installation. And because our system is completely self contained there is virtually nothing that has to be done to the stock fuel system. What about brackets? No worries as Vegistroke/VegiRam comes with a mounting plate for the V4 that uses factory installed bolts. So that means literally 80% of the components mount in less than 10 minutes without so much as drilling one hole.

Heard complaints that other pumps are noisy? Not ours. Our latest designs use a specialized version of the pump that virtually eliminates all noise; additionally we also use isolation dampeners on the V4 to make it nearly undetectable to the naked ear. This is the most advanced piece of WVO technology available in the world today.