Welcome to Bitterroot Diesel Performance!

We have DIY injector rebuild kits, our own remanufactured common rail and HEUI injectors and more than 15,000 products for your Powerstroke, Cummins, and Duramax diesel!

All of our in house manufacturing is completed on our Haas ST-20Y live tool CNC lathe and Haas VF-2SS vertical CNC mill. We also employ a surface grinder and Bridgeport mill in daily operations as needed. Contact our shop with any RFQ's.

Contact us if you need a product for your light duty diesel pickup and don't see it on our site.

Our shop is located in the bitterroot valley of western Montana.

What's New

6.7 Vegistroke V4, vegetable oil conversion developement has begun. Check the Biofuels Technologies forum for the latest progress.