Replacement Fuel Pressure Regulator for V3 and V4 Units
Original V3 units on the road have a design flaw that allows the pressure switch to take the...
The updated Scorpion motor specs trump the first-generation pump motor with the following improvements: Integrated diode protection built...
SSB - Solid State Brain - NO MORE GREEN LIGHT GUESSING!   This electronics control module replaces the...
Replacement 55 PSI Pressure Switch for the V3/V4 manifold This pressure switch does NOT INCLUDE the diode for...
Replacement Manifold Check Valve Fits:   V4 Manifold in both Vegistroke and VegiRam configurations V3 Vegistroke and V3...
Replacement temperature switch for the V4 manifold.
Stainless Steel check valves for installation on the engine block for the 7.3L Powerstroke. 
Viton Vibra-Lock Sleeves for 7.3L Check Valves
Two Donaldson P557440 filters for the V3/V4 manifold.
Complete Replacement switch pack for your Contura switches Kit includes: (1) 3-way system switch (on/off/auto) (1) 2-way system...
This is the engine fittings pack used for the 6.0L Vegistroke V3 and V4 
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