1994-2003 DT466E/I530E DT466/530 Deluxe Injector Rebuild Kit

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A rebuild kit can delay, but is not a substitute for fully remanufactured injectors. If you have high mileage injectors or a catastrophic injector failure we recommend replacing your injectors.
This is a Deluxe injector rebuild kit for DT466E/I530E DT466/530 injector. This kit contains everything needed to rebuild all 6 injectors. We source our injector parts from USA and Italy to give you a combination of quality and price! Don't waste your time with cheap o-rings from China. This kit includes the best o-rings on the market. The external o-rings by Alliant Power, the OEM supplier for Powerstroke/International injectors are manufactured by Parker. We have included stainless steel poppet valve shims. If the clearance between your armature plate and adapter plate is causing cold start issues you can use the supplied shims to increase the clearance near factory specification. This will fix the issues caused by a worn poppet valve/poppet valve seat.This rebuild kit is used all around the world to rebuild HEUI injectors. We have put together all of the normal wear items typically found in these injectors to save you time and money. We can help you replace other components if you find damage after tear down. If you have someone else rebuild your injectors there is no guarantee that all of these components will be replaced as they can cut corners to keep their cost down. Check our video page for Youtube videos that can help you if you have not done this before. Combine this rebuild kit with our rebuild tool for a seamless rebuild.

This rebuild kit contains the following new parts:
(1) Updated Armature Bit (Vietnam)
(1) Stock Armature Socket (China) 
(6) Alliant Power External O-ring Kits (OEM, USA)
(6) Internal O-ring Kits (Italy)
(6) Nozzle Springs (Italy)
(6) Poppet Springs (Italy)
(6) Upgraded Armature Plate Screws (Italy) 
(12) Check Balls (Italy)
(1) .002" feeler gauge (USA)
(6) Stainless Steel Poppet Valve Shims 0.001" (USA)
(6) Stainless Steel Poppet Valve Shims 0.002" (USA)
O-ring Installation Instructions 
Injector Diagram