VegiStroke V4 Full Kit

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Introducing the V4 Complete Vegistroke Flex Fuel System!

This heated standalone fuel system gives you the ability to run B100, Filtered Straight Vegetable oil, Filtered Waste Vegetable oil, Kerosene, Regular diesel, and even filtered waste motor oil in an offroad environment. Most advanced alternative fuel system for the PowerStroke anywhere...


This electronics control module replaces the analog control system used on the V3 Vegistroke systems.  

Instead of analog control surfaces "brute-forcing" power around through the control switches, the SSB instead uses a digital micro-controller at its heart, controlling your system through software. 

With the included OLED display, you'll now have all the input/output information at your fingertips.  

SSB allows you to see Temperature status, Pump status, Pressure status, as well as your Engine Run and Purge Solenoid data.  In addition, visual cues are given for failed fuses and micro-relays.

SSB keeps a running (and resettable) time for your filter, your pump, number of pressure switch cycles, and your purge solenoids.

Users are able to adjust individual purge and engine run times for their SSB, as well as additional features such as "pressure switch safety" shutdowns, and "filter safety" shutdowns. 

This kit includes:

V4 manifold complete with the Scorpion 2 gear pump, prefilter screen, fuel pressure regulator, purge solenoid, temperature switch, pressure switch and a 10 micron fuel filter  

Coolant and fuel lines

Engine check valves

SSB Core brain

Wiring harness

Isspro Fuel pressure gauge

OLED display (with case)

OLED USB Cable (to plug in to USB)

** NOTE: This kit does NOT include a tank.

    *** Please note this item cannot be shipped to a PO Box ***

    BFT Vegistroke Install Manual

    BFT SSB Install - Usage Manual