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The Orion Reflash System for Navistar® can help unleash the power of your Medium Duty Truck or Bus.

Navistar® has a long history of creating reliable, quality commercial vehicles and has been a leader in the medium duty market for decades. With applications including School Buses, Tow Trucks, Box Trucks, and many others, these vehicles are plentiful and relatively inexpensive to acquire and operate.

The downside to many fleet vehicles is often their overly conservative tuning. Of course, this helps to reduce overall maintenance costs of the fleet, but it leaves many of these vehicles struggling to get out of their own way. A large percentage of Navistar® equipped vehicles were optioned with a 175 HP rating. In fact, only a small handful of vehicles are rated at 195 HP or higher. Because of this, many owners are looking to newer, more powerful (and more expensive) vehicles, when the vehicles they already have would work fine if the power output could just be increased a little bit.

This is where we come in!

Power Hungry Performance has a long history of tuning the Ford Power Stroke Diesel. With nearly 25 years of experience tuning the Ford Power Stroke Diesel, we are the market leader in 7.3L and 6.0L tuning. And, because of the many similarities in Engine Control Systems, Power Hungry Performance has provided tuning for the 1994 to 1997 Navistar® T444e and DT466 platform since 2000 with great success. For a long time there has been a need to allow for updates and modifications to the 1998 and later applications. But, these are notoriously complex systems with a proprietary communications structure. Because of this, the performance market for these applications has been basically left untouched for over 20 years.

But, that has changed!

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Orion Reflash System for Navistar®

Introducing the Orion Reflash System for Navistar®!

The Orion Reflash System for Navistar® has been developed to help improve the performance, drivability, and economy of the 1998 - 2006 model year Navistar® equipped vehicles. This includes the 3000 Series (School Buses) and the 4000 Series (Single Cab and Crew Cab Trucks). With power increases approaching as much as 100 HP over a stock configuration , you will be able to achieve the performance, acceleration, fuel economy you need.

Power Hungry Performance has leveraged its decades of tuning experience and familiarity with the 7.3L platform to developed tuning for the T444e-equipped vehicles that rivals the performance of its Ford F-Series cousin. But, it doesn't end there. Due to the similarities in engine management and HEUI Injection, we are also able to provide tuning for the VT275, VT365, DT466, DT530, and DT570 applications as well, achieving similar gains in performance and economy.

How does the new Orion Reflash System for Navistar® help?

The Orion Reflash System for Navistar® can improve your driving experience by:

  • Increasing power output for improve hauling and towing capability
  • Easily selecting from 7 different power levels depending on your needs
  • Improving throttle response for quicker starts off the line
  • Reducing acceleration times to help get up to speed
  • Improving overall fuel economy to help reduce fuel costs
  • Providing basic diagnostics for reading and clearing Trouble Codes
  • Allowing access to change several optional Vehicle Parameters

With the Orion Reflash System for Navistar® from Power Hungry Performance, improving the power, drivability, and fuel economy of your Navistar® equipped vehicle has never been easier. Just plug in, reflash, and achieve the performance that these vehicles are capable of!


Orion Reflash System for Navistar® - Pricing:

      • Hardware and ECM Calibration Package: $850
      • ECM Calibration Only: $750
      • Hardware Only: $100
      • Hardware, ECM Calibration, and IDM Calibration Package: $1000
      • ECM Calibration Only: $750
      • IDM Calibration Only: $150
      • Hardware Only: $100

The current Orion Reflash Software version is v1.01.0006.

The installer is available at:

The latest version of the Orion Reflash User Guide is available at:

 Overall performance gains will vary from vehicle to vehicle based on the current Engine Family Rating as well as the configuration of the drivetrain components, including fuel injector volume and turbo sizing. Certain applications or vehicles may not realize the same gains as others, and should not be considered to be a limitation of the tuning.
Navistar® is a registered trademark of Navistar, Inc.
Power Hungry Performance is not affiliated with Navistar, Inc. in any way.