1994-2003 7.3 Powerstroke DT444/DT466/I530 Injector Rebuild Tool

Brand: Bitterroot Diesel Performance

Product Code: BDP-73INJ

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This is a rebuild tool set designed to hold your injector in a vice while you unscrew the injector body. In addition to your vice, this set contains everything you need to fully disassemble your own injector. No longer will you have to search all over to find the individual tools needed. Before this tool set was available, your only option was clumsy built tools requiring you to modify your vice, or expensive $700 tool sets not available to the DIY'er. This simple, effective and budget friendly set is designed for the DIY'er that is looking to rebuild their own injectors while saving money and insuring their injectors are rebuilt to their standards. The main components of this set are manufactured right here in Montana.

This set contains the following:

Upper Injector Body Socket - Allows you to use your 1/2 inch torque wrench to get the proper torque on the injector body during assembly
Lower Injector Body Fixture - Allows the injector to be held firmly in your vice without applying pressure or causing damage to the injector
Adapter Plate Tool - Used to remove/install the adapter plate sleeve
Armature Plate Screw Driver Bit - Used to remove the screw that connects the armature plate to the poppet valve
Solenoid Bit - Used to remove the screws that secure the solenoid to the injector body
Poppet Adapter Bit - Used to remove the screws that secure the poppet adapter to the injector body.