7.3 Powerstroke Intensifier Pistons

Brand: Bitterroot Diesel Performance

Product Code: IntensifierPistons-160

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This kit of custom made intensifier pistons is used to build modified injectors. You will need AA code plunger/barrel assemblies to build 160cc injectors or BD code plunger/barrel assemblies to build 205cc, 238cc, 250cc or 300cc hybrid injectors.

*160cc and larger injectors should have their fuel plates modified for larger fuel flow.*

From Gearhead Automotive Performance:

90cc stock nozzle 225HP
130cc stock nozzle 260-290HP
160cc stock nozzle 325-345HP
160cc 30% nozzle 350-360HP
180cc stock nozzle 300-350HP
180cc 30% nozzle 370-390HP
180cc 80% nozzle 400-425HP
200cc 30% nozzle 385-410HP
200cc 80% nozzle 400-440HP
200cc 100% nozzle 420-460HP
238cc 30% nozzle 440-475HP (depends on air flow in lower rpms can make 550HP with nitrous for example)
238cc 80% nozzle 450-520HP
238cc 100% nozzle 465-550HP
250cc 30% not much gain over 238cc with 30%
250cc 80% nozzle 460-530HP
250cc 100% nozzle 470-575HP