T-500 HPOP

Brand: Terminator Engineering

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*Pumps only ship via USPS Priority Mail*

The T500 is the solution for those looking for more volume than the stock 15* or 17* pump can deliver. The T500 will help support larger injectors without putting a dent in you mod budget. 

Pumps ship with all new seals and orings, tested and ready to install. Be sure to include your pump fittings as they will be resealed and sent back with the pump. Please do not include your IPR or HPOP lines with the core.

****PLEASE make sure the pump is completely drained of any OIL BEFORE shipping and sealed in a sealable bag. Failure to do this may result in oil leaking out. If this occurs UPS or USPS reserves the right to claim the package as toxic waste and dispose of the package. Once this happens you are responsible for supplying another pump. ****