Scorpion Pump Rebuild Kit

Brand: Biofuels Technologies

Product Code: BFT-SPRK

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Our pumps are rebuild-able! 
This pump rebuild kit allows you to rebuild any BFT Pump, as well as most FASS/DPP pump designs. 
Kit includes:

  • New High-temperature Viton pump head shaft seal
  • Pump Seal Press-tool (uses any drill press)
  • Replacement motor O-Rings
  • Replacement Pump cavity O-ring
  • Replacement mounting plate O-ring
  • Replacement wear plate O-ring
  • Replacement wave spring

*** NOTE *** While most of these components can be used to build the DPP/FASS "square-head" pump design, you will have to RE-USE the "ball and spring" FPR and provide new gasket material for these style pumps ***

Additional Questions may be found in our Scorpion Pump Rebuild Instructions