BFT Scorpion 2 Replacement Motor

Brand: Biofuels Technologies

Product Code: BFT-S2RM

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The updated Scorpion motor specs trump the first-generation pump motor with the following improvements:

  • Integrated diode protection built directly into the pump base.
  • ~30% increase in RPM, increasing from 70GPH to 97GPH at 70psi
  • Maximum 12a draw
  • Improved case sealing, resulting in better weather/element protection.
  • Seals and armature winding insulation rated to 390*
  • All parts interchangeable with previous generation Scorpion line.

*** This motor can be used with any BFT pump head design, and can also mate to any pump head that uses DPP/FASS EM-1001 or EM-1002 motor. Note that with the DPP/FASS pump heads, different length mounting bolts may be required***

Additional Questions may be found in our Scorpion Pump Rebuild Instructions