Maintenance Pack I

Brand: Biofuels Technologies

Product Code: BFT-MP1

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No doubt your V3/V4 needs a little TLC... and for many of you, probably ASAP. This maintenance pack serves "double-duty" purposes... it is intended both to be a parts pack for periodic preventative maintenance (using primarily the Check Valve and the Prescreen filter)... as well as being an "emergency parts pack" that you can toss into your glove box for those long road trips. 
Pack Contents:

  • 1 V3/V4 Manifold Check valve
  • 2 V3/V4 Manifold Pre-screen mesh
  • 2 Electronics Module replacement relays
  • 2 O-ring sets (total of 4 rings)
  • 6 fuses (2 of each size)