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SPE Full Lock Diff Kit
Override the factory safety lockout on the electronic rear locker.


  • Easy install— So easy, even a chick can do it!
  • Maintains factory switch— No new components to activate engagement
  • Eliminates lag time— No more lag time from engaging & disengaging the factory E-Locker
  • Discrete & clean install— Installs in the factory TCCM near the passenger kick panel
  • Increases traction— allows you to do better burnouts & drive around in snowy or muddy conditions without 1 tire fire…. But the burnouts are way cooler than the mud bogging stuff.

Have the electronic locker in your Super Duty? Then this is the kit for you. The SPE Full Lock Diff Kit is an add-on to the TCCM that allows the diff to stay locked in past 20mph. Engaging the rear end is now at your fingertips. Need to lock the rear end & go 45, no problem! 50, sure. 75, now we are talking!  This kit takes about 10 minutes to install & maintains the factory switch! Includes detailed instructions… so easy a chick can do it!

This kit causes no diagnostic codes or check engine lights. You will NOT have the light on the dash to tell you that it’s locked in. It also eliminates the lag time that the E locker has in factory form when engaging and disengaging.

You know you want one! Go head & hit “add to cart”!

This will not work on a truck WITHOUT the electronic locker. This will NOT work on a dual rear wheel truck.